Acne Gold Laser Therapy

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৳35,000 /Session

Effectively treats acne inflammation & reduces sebum production.

Benefits :
  • Effective For Acne Treatment
  • Minimize Enlarged Pores
  • Reduce Inflammation

Total Price:
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Bio-Xin Cosmeceuticals offers Acne Gold Laser Therapy, a precise and FDA-approved acne treatment. We introduce gold microparticles into sebaceous glands using electromagnetic radiation and apply laser energy to effectively treat acne inflammation, reducing sebum production without harming the skin.

Skin Care Benefits of Acne Gold Laser Therapy 

  • Effective For Acne Treatment 

  • Minimize Enlarged Pores

  • Reduce Inflammation 

Who Should Get the Acne Gold Laser Therapy?

Acne Gold Laser Therapy is generally suitable for individuals with mild to moderate inflammatory acne, especially for those who haven't responded to other treatments.  


1. Acne

2. Acne inflammation 

Frequency: 5-10 Treatment 

After Care :
1. A cool compress or ice mask can be applied

2. Do not use any of the following products on the treated area 3 days after treatment.

3. Avoid direct sun exposure

4. Apply SPF 50+ sunscreen

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