Dr. Light- Acne Cure

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Restores Your Skin's Radiance & Treat Acne

৳1,000 /Session

Blue and red light phototherapy treats acne breakouts, acne lesions, and soothing the inflammation.

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LED lights based treatment for acne cure & skin rejuvenation. It has no side-effect and able to do painless treatment on wider area such as face, neck, and even scalp. It usages 3 lights red, blue & infrared to treat different skin types & concern.


                     1. Soothing skin problem

                     2. Acne bacterial effect

                     3. Acne treatment



                     1. A skin disease (Infectious)

                     2. Skin disorders such as inflammatory

                     3. Heart disease, high blood pressure and epileptic


  1. Acne treatment

  2. Regulates excess sebum secretion

  3. Destroy acne causing bacteria

  4. Skin cell regeneration

  5. Acceleration of blood circulation

  6. Acne bacterial action

  7. Increase blood circulation

  8. Thermal cell generation effect

  9. Soothing skin problems


Duration of treatment: * 10-20 min 

Frequency: * Twice a week

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    Status Official - 2 months ago
  • How many times should one do this treatment? One time would be enough? Will it cure acne permanently? The spots of acne will go or not?

    Tania Mehzabin - 6d ago
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