Comfort Dual – Facial Fat Reduction

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Get a Facial Lift By Boosting Collagen & Elastin

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Comfort dual is the facial lifting system. It delivers thermal energy deep into the dermal layer  to promote reproduction of collagen and elastin. It is a multi-care system that can be used for the face & body.

Skin tightening and lifting system Comfort Dual is an easy & comfortable process. Skin tightening and lifting system Comfort dual is a skin treatment system that emits stable 4 MHz RF energy to safely penetrate deep into the dermis layer without damage to the skin.



1. Double Chin

2. Puffy Eyes

3. Superficial Wrinkles

4. For face lifting effect


1. Excessive acne prone skin

2. Sensitive and thin skin

3. History of needling or chemical peeling within 15 days

Duration of Treatment: Total Time:  20 min

Frequency: Once or twice a week 

After Care: Apply adequate amount of moisturizer afterwards

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