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Skin dullness and brightness concern


Dull skin is skin that looks lackluster, flat, or even gray, and may even feel rough or bumpy to the touch. What causes dull skin? It’s the result of dead skin cell build-up on the surface of your skin, and it can happen at any age and in any weather.


To get back your skin’s original lit-from-within look, it’s crucial to understand why your complexion may have lost its healthy radiance. Dull skin can be caused by:

1. Dead skin cells

You shed millions of dead skin cells each day, which can pile up on top of each other like dust particles on a surface. This layer of dead skin prevents your skin from reflecting light and can give your face a more ashy look. As you age, your skin’s surface renewal ability declines, causing an increase in the build-up of dead skin cells.

2. Free radicals

Pollution doesn’t just affect your lungs, but your skin, too. The dirt and sulfur dioxide in the air create free radicals (unstable molecules that cause damage to the cells in your body) on your skin, damage collagen and stimulate pigment production, causing your complexion to look tired and drab.

3. Stress

When you’re stressed, your fight-or-flight response kicks in, diverting blood flow from your face to other parts of your body, such as your muscles, resulting in a less lively, dull look.

4. Lack of sleep

While you sleep, your skin has the chance to renew and repair itself. This occurs thanks to an increase in your body’s melatonin levels, a release of human growth hormone that enables tissue repair, and the decrease of cortisol, which is your body’s stress hormone. Just a few bad night’s sleep are enough for the visible signs of fatigue to appear, and this can include having a dull complexion.

5. Dehydration

When you don’t drink enough water or if the weather is especially dry outside (say, during wintertime), the amount of moisture below your skin’s surface can decline, leaving you with skin that looks deflated and dull, instead of plump and bright.

6. Leaving your make-up on overnight

When you forget to remove your make-up before going to bed, you’re essentially preventing your skin from renewing itself by not letting your pores breathe. This can lead to irritation and premature aging.

7. Skipping exfoliation

Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. If you’ve skipped this step in your skin care routine, this might be one of the reasons why your face looks dull and tired.

8. Unhealthy lifestyle

Smoking, a lack of exercise, and a diet consisting mainly of processed foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat can all wreak serious havoc on the brightness of your complexion.


Here are six skin tone brightening tips so that your skin achieves that healthy glow you crave:

1. Remove your make-up. To get rid of the built-up dirt and oil clogging your pores, wash your face morning and night. At night you need to be extra careful to remove make-up and grime. Try Bio Care Whitening Face wash/Novaclear whiten gentle cleanser/Vitamin C whitening facial wash. It lifts away dirt and caked-in make-up, leaving your skin clean, refreshed and radiant-looking.

2. Moisturize. No matter the weather, apply a moisturizer with sun protection that helps blocks both UVA and UVB rays, such as Novaclear Whiten whitening Day cream.

3. Exfoliate. Exfoliating a few times a week allows new skin cells to emerge, revealing a radiant glow. You can exfoliate in many different ways, from washcloths to skin cleansing brushes.

4. Incorporate Vitamin C into your beauty routine. Vitamin C is a nutrient-rich antioxidant known for its powerful skin-brightening and anti-aging capabilities that helps neutralize free radicals and limit the damage caused by excessive sun exposure, amongst other things.
In addition to following a diet rich in ascorbic acid, get an extra boost of skin-brightening Vitamin C by using the Vitamin C whitening facial cream. Its breakthrough formula contains Vitamin C combined with hyaluronic Acid and Glutathione to strengthen your skin barrier.

5. Pamper yourself with a face mask. For the ultimate brightening bedtime nourishment, consider adding a face mask to your skin care routine. Bio Care Kojic acid and collagen whitening Mask intensely hydrates your skin, leaving it moisturized, looking firmer, lifted and smoother.

6. Change your habits. For more healthy-looking skin, try to consume high-fiber and high-protein foods that are rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids; put down your cigarettes for good; and enhance circulation to your skin by throwing in a couple of cardio workouts during the week. You can also add beauty supplements like Skin care brightening drinkglowing tea in your regular healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Taskia Noushin Chowdhury
Medical Officer

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