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Skin Care from the Neck down

When it comes to skin care, people tend to put more emphasis on their face than on the rest of their body. In fact, many of us fall into the trap of completely neglecting skin from the neck down, At least until something goes visibly wrong. The problem? Sooner or later that neglect catches up to us in the form of dull, uneven tone, leathery or crepey texture, loss of firmness and other body skin concerns that could have been easily prevented or treated. The good news is adding body care to your routine does not have to take much time or effort.

Below, we compile research-backed solution for tackling your top body is skin concern from bumps and breakouts to reducing hyperpigmentation including dotted discoloration and warding off signs of aging, such as creepy skin.

Skin Care from the Neck down

Body care starts with sunscreen:

Sun damage creates and amplifies many of the body skin concerns we face. If you are not diligent about sun protection, visible signs eventually show up in the form of dark spots, loss of firmness, dull tone, and rough texture on exposed areas. It’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon-Sunscreen is one of the most effective ways to ward off further signs of aging and more importantly reduce the risks of skin cancer. Now find a light weight body sunscreen that dries down quickly with the non-greasy finish to minimize the chances of it rubbing off on your clothes. It should contain beneficial ingredients like antioxidants to deliver an extra boost of defense against environmental stressors. Antioxidants also deliver anti-aging properties to help skin visibly recover from UV exposure.

Body exfoliation:

That is step everyone can benefit from-

Built up dead skin on the body can create A number of issues, including skin that looks rough texture or riddled with clogged pores and bumps. Most people don’t even realize this deadlier obvious skin is there until they experience how exfoliation reveals the fresher looking, smother skin hiding underneath but harsh scrubs are not the answer. In-state option for a hydroxy acid-based lotion that gently yet effectively exfoliators and soft tense skin and improved smoothness with enhancing hydration.

Both alpha hydroxy acid(AHA) and beta hydroxy acid(BHA) body treatments work great in this regard-pick based on your top concerns:

  1. It improves rough, Dry skin and removes built up layers of dead skin, revealing smoother, softer skin from the neck down.
  2. In case of chest acne and back acne: Alcohol free beer acne body spray contains 2% BHA(Salicylic acid) to target stubborn impulse and prevent new breakouts. This easy to use a spray can be held at any angle to tackle Hard to reach areas of the body.

Use niacinamide to even skin tone:

Dark spots, brown patches and dullness are not just a problem for the skin above the neck. Uneven tone can also affect the neck, chest, arms and legs, essentially the area that’s had sun exposure over the years. However shipping can also cause discoloration on the body most probably the legs.

5% Niacinamide body serum targets discolorations on the body in addition to helping replenish moisture and restoring skin’s barrier. With use over time you will see healthier looking and more even tone skin all over.

Skin Care from the Neck down

Body Acne:

Body acne deserves its own section. Anyone who has struggled with breakouts on their back, neck, thighs, chest or booty knows all too well how frustrating and stubborn these blemishes are. Whether on the face or the body, acne responds to the same key active ingredients to treat the problem. However in some cases a different delivery system can be beneficial to target the hard to reach areas on the body.

Here’s how to nip body breakouts in the bud:

*Cleanse skin with a gentle, soap-free, fragrance-free body wash (Fragrance is a known skin irritant, whether natural or synthetic).

*Apply BHA (also known as salicylic acid) to decongest breakout-prone areas. We recommend 2% Salicylic acid body spray with a 360° nozzle that you can hold upside down to access every part of your back and other hard to reach areas.

*Finish with a benzoyl peroxide treatment to target root triggers of acne. It helps to prevent future breakouts and reduces stubborn acne, whenever it lurks on your body.

Also let’s make sure you are not currently using products that make body breakouts worse:

  1. Avoid bar soaps.
  2. Don’t use abrasive body scrubs or loofahs.
  3. Be careful with heavy, thick hair conditioners that me leave residue on skin.

Underarm care routine:

Oh you’re around but especially in summer the underarm area can be a major area of focus for those who want to go sleeveless. Thankfully there are several underarm area concerns that can be addressed with your at home body care routine.

Dark underarms: For many people the area of skin under arms can be a darker color than the rest of their skin that creates the effect of a shadow. While there are many possibly reason for this color difference using a body serum with niacinamide can help. Niacinamide targets multiple causes of discoloration, helps even tone and keeps skin soft and smooth.

Clogged armpit pores: Shaving armpits can incur The same issues that arise from shaving other areas of your body mainly pours in grown here’s an overall bumpy texture. As with those other areas using a product containing BHA can alleviate clogs in pores and help soothe post-shaving redness. Choose a texture which works best for you like lotion, liquid or gel-and apply after you towel down post-shower (be sure to make sure this product is dry before applying deodorant).

Underarm odor: Aside from the obvious solutions of washing the armpit area regularly and applying a deodorant or antiperspirant, did you know that certain skin care products can help alleviate armpit odor and sweat? An AHA Exfoliants featuring mandelic and lactic acid is not only gentle enough to exfoliate delicate underarm skin and help prevent dry skin under arms – lactic acid helps in the process of keeping a compound called pyruvate properly metabolized. This process reduces the formation of acetic acid, one of the components of human body odor.

Skin Care from the Neck down

Powerful body care ingredients:

1.If your goal is to brighten dull, sallow skin and minimize signs of uneven tone on arms, legs, chest etc try a Niacinamide body serum. Niacinamide also supports skis barrier making it more resilient and healthier in appearance.
2.If you want to tackle several signs of aging skin from the neck down all at once a retinol body treatment is the way to go. Retinol rejuvenates the feeling of farmer skin while improving the appearance of wrinkles, lethargy skin.

These ways help us to get beautiful, healthy & glowing skin through our body.


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