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Myth Busters Debunking Few Of The Commonest Myths About Skin & Hair Care Busters

Come on! You must be tired of hearing so much made up stuff regarding your body! Specifically be told, about your skin and hair! Whether we get to learn about some long, old, inherited theories from our parents or any random found fake videos on the internet . Among them most are ineffective, others lead to damaged skin.

It’s ‘US’ who are always conflicting with our minds, what to believe and what to not! Which are the truths and which are actually MYTHS!

To “clear the air” & “put the record straight”, this article is all about debunking the myths. And providing you the truth to be followed. Be it a ‘seasoned veteran skincare enthusiast’ or an ‘amateur learning the ABC’s of skincare’, it will definitely help you achieving better looking skin by making better decisions.

So, let’s get started!

Pores ; Open and Close Situation

Not at all! There’s no such thing as pores open or close. As if they are going to work with ‘open sesame’! Pores are always there, it just looks minimized and shrunken after a deep cleansing. And you can only improve your skin appearance by exfoliation, steaming and aesthetic treatments.

Expensive Products Work Better

Do you think so? Just because a product comes with a high price tag, doesn’t necessarily have to be more effective. In fact, there are many more drugstore brands, whose efficacy is amazingly better than those. But yeah, price can be varied due to availability of an ingredient. And there are alternatives too!

Skin & Hair Become Immune To Products After Prolonged Regular Use

This is also not true. Your skin and hair might get adapted to the usage, but they do not become immune. That’s why dermatologists always suggest starting with a low dose. And then increasing gradually. Efficacy generally depends on a range of things, such as doses, proper using method, formula, skin type, scalp condition, weather etc.

Oily Faces Don’t Need Any Moisturizer

A big no no! You must and need to use moisturizer for maintaining hydration even if it is super oily and prone to acne. Moisturizer holds the water in the outer layer to keep it hydrated. Because hydrated skin is the key to a healthy glowing skin. Moisturizer is a must to do step for any skin type.

Anti-Aging Products Should Be Used Only After You Hit 40

Definitely not! There is no evidence on anti-aging products causing harm on skin before thirty. In fact, using it from the late twenties is more effective & beneficial. Firstly there’s no better anti-aging product than sunscreen, which one should use daily at any age. Even some anti-aging products also offer antioxidants with aging benefits. But, products with potent ingredients should be introduced in the mid thirties. So, Using anti-aging products early before visible signs actually slow down the aging process and delay aging. In this case, ‘the earlier, the better’.

Shaving Makes Your Hair Thicker & More Black

The oldest myth that has been told for hundreds of years I guess! Already debunked in 1928, but still remaining followed. Shaving, in any part of the body, does not have any impact on hair growth. Hair regrowth after shaving might have a difference in appearance, but it doesn’t make hair thicker or blacker. Hundreds of studies have been done on this issue and it’s a proven false myth. On the contrary, shaving frequently leads to irritation, razor burn, contact dermatitis, blisters, ingrown hairs. A whole article can be written about this long nurtured false belief. Anyways, it is high time we should accept the unaccepted truth.

Acne Is For Only Teenagers, Adult Don’t Get Acne

FALSE! Few of the most heard misconceptions about acne. Despite many believers, acne can actually happen at any age, but not below 7 years in general. Acne is caused by clogged pores on the face which become infected and inflamed by bacterial growth. Any skin type of any age can suffer from acne. Though oily skins are more prone to, that can too happen after 40 which is known as adult acne.

Men necessarily Don’t Need Any Skin Care

Is that so? Men, too, need required products for their skin. Perhaps many fear it due to the ‘feminine’ thing. But, they need it more than women. As they have thicker, oily, more prone to dirt type skin. At least using a good cleanser, high SPF sunscreen and hydrating moisturizer is a must. Research suggests that, not doing proper skincare, specifically not using sunscreen, leads to men having a higher rate of being affected by melanoma, skin cancers than women. We should remember that ‘Skincare is Genderless’.

Sunscreens Are Only For The Sunny Days

False! You need to apply sunscreen not only on sunny days, but also on cloudy weather, rainy days and also indoors while cooking or around any heat. Sunscreens protect us from UV rays, which mostly come from the sun whether the day is gloomy or sunny. And as our skin is highly sensitive to heat, we need to apply in a thick layer.

Trimming Frequently Makes Your Hair Grow Faster

A big no no! Trimming has no relation with hair growth. There is no correlation between hair growth and chopping of the ends. It is so obviously visible that hair grows from the scalp, so how can the ends do the trick?! What can be gained is the healthier, voluminous, luscious hair which trimming hair ends adds to.

If Any Product Evokes Irritation While Using, It’s Working

Really! Trying out new products is always fun. But that doesn’t mean everything is for everyone! A slight tingling sensation for a few minutes is okay, but if it continues to do so or causes more irritation, that stuff is definitely not for you. Immediately wash your face with cold water. Always prefer doing a patch test before giving it a go, specifically for sensitive skin.

Tea Makes Your Skin Darker

One of the universal widespread myths. On the contrary, Drinking tea is highly effective for health. And it has many beneficial ingredients for example. antioxidants, theaflavins, catechins. Which not only boosts immune systems but also reduces risk of many diseases. So, this myth also has zero rationality.

People With Dry Skin, Age Faster

Not at all! Dry skin has nothing to do with faster aging. Aging occurs due to break down of collagen fibers, which happens generally with getting old, sun and pollution exposure, alcohol intake, lifestyle choices. One has dry skin, that doesn’t mean that skin will have more wrinkles and aging signs than usual. Fine lines are more visible in dehydrated skin, which have less moisture.

Natural Ingredients Are Always Better Than Chemical Ones

Not actually! In fact a combined routine of both natural and chemical ingredients works better. Natural sources have benefits, but their potency and stability may not be as effective and fast paced than the chemical ones. But combining them generates more prominent effects. Hyaluronic Acids, Retinol, Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, Glycolic Acids, Glutathione, Ascorbic Acids are few of the amazing chemical ingredients that work in a miraculous way for concerned skin. Along with natural ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin c, vitamin b, tea tree, shea butter, coconut oil.

Applying Too Much Makeup Causes Acne

Again a long told myth! Using makeup of good quality brands doesn’t cause acne. Moreover, it adds to skincare. But using replica products or made with cheap ingredients does cause acne. Even most renowned brands have SPFs or hydrating formulas. Most importantly you need to clean your face, even double cleansing after wearing heavy makeup.

Dark Circle Is Always Due To Lack Of Sleep

No! Sleep deprivation can be one of the causes, but not the obvious reason. Aging, allergies, dermatitis, positive family history, genetics and some lifestyle habits such as stress, smoking, excessive salt intake, consuming alcohol, dehydration are also few of the major reasons behind a dull, dark circled eye. The under eye area is very delicate and more easily prone to damage.

Plucking One Grey Hair, Makes Two In Its Place

So not true! Plucking one grey hair leads to giving rise to another one grey hair, not two. As one hair bulb produces one hair strand. Grey hair occurs due to decreased hair pigment. And hair starts turning grey one at a time.

Once Split Ends Can Be Repaired By Repaired Using Conditioners

False! Split ends can not be repaired, once it occurs. It can not be sealed or resolved on its own. Split ends are caused due to cuticle damage, which are the outer layer. It can only be solved by regular trimming and then nourishing hair by conditioning and protein mask.

Hot Water Is Good For Skin

A big no for this one! In fact, the opposite is the truth. Too much using of hot water makes the skin worse, as it strip of the natural oils, causing the skin to dry off. And it can hamper the natural moisture barrier of skin leading to aggravate underlying skin conditions. Cleaning face with lukewarm water is the perfect care.

There Is No Such Thing As Over Washing, When It Comes To Body Care

There is! One shouldn’t do that. While some people believe that washing your face too often controls sebum production, which is a lie! Over washing of face or body leads to excessive dryness. It damage the skin barrier and make the skin more prone to rash and itchy skin. By over washing, skin dries out and tries to regain it’s moisture. Which causes more sebum production, means more acne! Washing twice a day is the ideal choice.

Coconut Oil Is Always Good For Skin

Absolutely not! Coconut oil might be helpful alterations of makeup remover in some cases, but not as a moisturizer for every skin type. It is too rich to be effective as an ideal moisturizer. It is comedogenic and can clog pores more often than other face oils. Which ultimately contributes to acne, though gradually. Nevertheless, acne-prone, allergic skin should avoid it for betterment on face.

Applying Collagen Products On Skin Reduces Aging

Nope! Applying Collagen cream or serum can not do any wonders itself. You should definitely go under aesthetic procedures to have them penetrating your inner skin layer. As it has high molecular weight, aesthetic treatments does better than topical use. Collagen must be fragmented into peptides to penetrate the skin. But, collagen definitely plump, hydrate and brightens skin texture. And also using products that stimulate collagen production will aid on.

Lips Do Not Get Sunburnt

Really? As like as any other body parts, lips also get tanned and sunburnt. Sun exposure can darken lips by causing skin damage and boosting melanin production. One should definitely use lip oils, lip balms containing SPF for UV rays protection.

You Should Brush Your Hair More Often, If Possible At Least 100 Times A Day

Seriously! I mean who have this much time in this busy life. Brushing or combing helps distributing natural oils, but that doesn’t mean 100 strokes! In fact, it will cause more hair breakage, cuticle damage, scalp injury. It will also make the hair looks frizzy and lifeless!

As we have come to the end, hope this article might have cleared your misconceptions that cause your confusion! Just because you have heard it a million times, doesn’t make them true. Expecting, it will help you distinguish between what actually do work and what not.

Dr. Shahida Husna Azmiri

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