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A skin analysis is an essential step to determine intricate details of the skin's surface and underlying layers by using sophisticated diagnostic instruments meticulously designed to assess and analyze the derm comprehensively. Employing an array of imaging technologies, such as polarized and UV light and multispectral analysis, skin analysis devices capture The wealth of information gathered serves as the cornerstone for crafting personalized skincare routines, addressing specific concerns encompassing hydration levels, pigmentation issues, and more.

Skin Analyzer:

When carrying out a skin analysis we should consider the following 3 points: Look, Touch, Question.

The benefits of Professional Skin Analysis :

- Identify wide range skin concerns including dryness, oiliness, acne,
hyperpigmentation, melasma, Aging sign.
- Experts can tailor skin care products and treatments
- Regular Skin analysis can help track the progress of your skin care routine and make
- Identify underlying skin conditions that may require medical attention.
- A skin analysis is an essential step in helping us to determine what type of skin you

We need to know how often we get a skin analysis:

- At least once a Year
- More frequently if you have specific skin concern
- Before starting any skin care product or treatment

Accurate Skin analysis highlights the following features:

- Spots
- Lines and Wrinkles
- Uneven texture
- UV spots

- Pigmentation
- Pore size
- ph balance
- Sun damage
- Skin hydration


Through a skin analysis we can examine the evenness of your skin tone, sun spots, wrinkles, pores and acne spots. By having such a close up look, we can avoid any guesswork, and are able to offer you professional advice. Our goal is to improve the quality of your skin using custom botanical formulations. The existence of various machines and equipment has made it easier for doctors to treat all kinds of health conditions and diseases.

Some additional tips for getting the most out of your skin analysis

# Be prepared= make a list of any skin concern you have
# Be honest= give proper history and associate factors to your physicians
# Be open to get suggestions or advice
# Be patient= it can take time to see results from a new skin care routine and

Dr. Eshita Zaman Tonny
Medical officer

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