Combo 1 Whitening care

৳ 7,900.00 ৳ 6,000.00

Whiten Whitening Day Cream + Whiten Whitening Night Cream + Whiten Advance Whitening Serum

Whiten Whitening Day Cream

Whitening Day Cream with an active Alpha Arbutin For Skin brightening and diminishing pigmentation marks of various origin.


Whiten Whitening Night Cream

Whitening Night Cream with an active Alpha Arbutin,Azelaic Acid and Tetra peptide reduces skin discoloration,diminishes dark spot of various origin and freckles.


Whiten Advance Whitening Serum

Advanced whitening Serum with a high concentration of active Alpha Arbutin,Azelaic Acid,Vitamin C and Tetrapeptide has a strong skin lightening properties.