My Rose Cream Soap

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Purify, Refresh, Glow: My Rose Cream Soap for Daily Radiance

Indulge in the gentle cleansing experience of My Rose Cream Soap. This unique formula, featuring olive oil, panthenol, and vitamin E, ensures a thorough cleanse without drying your skin. The natural extract of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena adds a refreshing and soothing touch.

Active ingredients :
  • Bulgarian Rosa Damascena extract
  • natural olive oil
  • vitamin E
75 g

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  • Gently washes the skin
  • Soften and hydrate skin
  • Provides soothing effect

My Rose Cream Soap is your daily indulgence for a refreshing and clean feel. The cream formula ensures your skin stays moisturized. Olive oil, panthenol, and vitamin E work together for a hydrating cleanse, while the natural extract of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena adds a soothing effect.

Product Origin:  Bulgaria, Europe

Apply on wet skin, lather and rinse well

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