Plapen Dual Plasma Therapy

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Get Rid of Skin Tag & Acne

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PlapenDual creates the concentrated form of plasma by using molecules in the air as the medium and focusing momentary and string energy, which causes an ion bond between molecules and atoms.

Using plasma developed in this way, this medical device with 2 types of handpieces and 4 tips is used in improving skin and diseases.

Its major indications vary, including skin sterilization, improvement of skin rhytids and drooping eyelid, removal of blemishes and spots, removal of milium, etc.

Generally, the state of matter is classified into 3 types-solid, liquid, and gas. Liquid or matter converted from the state of solid by energy exerted becomes plasma by high energy exerted again, as its electrons and atomic nucleus are separated. Therefore, plasma is also called ‘the 4th matter’. Ions generated from plasma have bactericidal, anti-infective, anti-virus and anti-inflammatory effects as well as strong ablation effects on the surfaces; therefore, are effective in local site treatment.


                        1. Acne improvement

                        2. Skin rhytids improvement

                        3. Skin disinfection

                        4. Skin regeneration

                        5. Seborrhea

Duration of the treatment:  5 min

Frequency: Once a week or Twice a month  

Benefits of the treatment:

  • Safe and painless
  • Remove the mole permanently
  • Give a smooth face without any side effects

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